Kent Lambert, Takashi Shallow, Ian Maclachlan and Franny Mendes Levitin

“Gesamt is the result of a system in which ideas are transmitted through a series of exchanges (think exquisite corpse) to achieve mutual elevation. It emphasizes process and product equally, stressing that there is no hierarchy between mediums, authorship, or outcome, but rather a synthesis of ideas that create a Gesamtkunstwerk, or a total work of art.” -Alyssa Brubaker, Visual Arts Curatorial Resident at Elastic Arts

Gesamt has collaborated with Adrienne Elyse Meyers, Alexander Hayashi, Amy Whitaker, Anneysa Gaille, Bryan Camphire, Claire DuCanto, Derek McPhatter, Duane Powell, Emma DeGroot, Jenne Carey, Jesse Pace, Kevin Pang, Luke Casas Clohisy, Mercedes Marwood, Michael Baldwin, Mieko Vasilou, Ricardo Mondragon, Stefan Brown, Zooey Glass & Abigail, FPE Records, Open Palm Tapes, Open Television, Stylin’ Out Network, and Vocalo Radio.

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